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Today, Dubai is one of the most sought after cities in the world, whether it is for luxury travel, shopping, entertainment or business. Recognizing the scope of business in the UAE’s leading business hub, many companies have leveraged the outstanding potential to set up their company in Dubai. The business atmosphere of Dubai is attracting a large number of entrepreneurs to conceptualize their ideas and thoughts for company formation.

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Our services to meet your professional needs. We employ a customer-focused approach, along with the latest technology to ensure the best results.


Meeting strict specifications and deadlines is no problem. Our experts have the knowledge to complete jobs promptly and effectively.


Priority processing, multiple pickup/delivery options and other services make it easy to work with us. Plus, we will customize projects to meet your specific needs and timetable.

About Mindstorm Corporate Services Dubai

We assure you that we have never been involved in any activities that are legally unauthorized by the government authorities. The charges for Company Formation in Dubai depends on the processes involved, which in fact depends on the nature of your business. The charges levied by Mindstorm Corporate Services Provider are strictly as per the rules prevailing with the Dubai Government’s procedures.

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